How to get rid of tapeworm or solitary worm

How to get rid of tapewormAlthough it is unusual because it is a disease specific to animals, human beings and especially children and young people can contract tapeworm or solitary worm. It is important to understand the true causes of symptoms and treatments for tapeworms. We tell you more about how to get rid of tapeworm or solitary worm.

You will need:

Stool specimens of the potentially infected person

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Instructions :
1 The tapeworm or solitary worm is a parasite that normally settles in the wall of the small intestine of animals but that can also exist in humans. These parasites are composed of a head or scolex with adherent cups, and a body formed by segments or rings that produce eggs independently. The tapeworm feeds by absorbing what the infected person eats and it can measure up to 10 m long.

2. If you notice symptoms such as constant diarrhea, nausea, cramping, stomach pain, loss of appetite or weight … it is essential to visit the doctor. It is also appropriate to take a sample of your stools, especially if you see any abnormalities or what looks like eggs.

3. Once the proper diagnosis is made, to get rid of the tapeworm or solitary worm anti-parasitic medications are often necessary to allow to unhook it from the intestinal wall where it is hung.

4. Normally, praziquantel is prescribed as a treatment for tapeworm or solitary worm, as well as niclosamide, which is still under prescription.

5 It is also necessary to follow up during the following months to verify that the solitary worm or tapeworm has actually been eliminated and to prevent it from reproducing and reappearing.

6 This article is purely informative, and does not have the capacity to prescribe medical treatment or diagnosis. We invite you to visit the doctor if you have genes or a discomfort.

If the tapeworm is not quite dead, including its head that is connected to the intestine, it will grow again.