Infection With Tapeworm (Taeniasis) Symptoms, Causes, Prevention And Treatment

infection of TapewormsThe infection of Tapeworms or Taeniasis is an infection caused by certain Taenia tapeworm. There are 32 species of its kind with Taenia, but only 3 seem to affect humans, these include Taenia saginata (usually found in beef), t. solium (usually found in pork), and t. asiatica. Worm tainia is usually ingested in the body and grow and can live for many years and can reach lengths up to 12 feet. When the worms grow very large, its existence can close the intestines and can cause intestinal obstruction. Pork tapeworm larvae can invade the body, enters the bloodstream and infect the brain, eye or heart. The invasive form of the disease is called cysticercosis. Tapeworm infection can occur when we manage food made from meat with way less good or raw.

Symptoms Of Tapeworm Infections

The infection of tapeworms in the intestine may cause mild abdominal pain. Loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, general weakness, diarrhoea, hunger, stomach feels bloated are other symptoms.

When tapeworm larvae have spread and causes cysticercosis, this would cause seizures, Brain swelling, difficulty in balance, dementia and other neurological symptoms collectively called as neurocysticercosis. He also can cause blurring views and sometimes causes retinal ablasio. In rare cases heart lesions produce abnormal rhythms and heart failure. lesions of the spinal cord resulting in loss of motor control, weakness and eventual paralysis.

Tapeworm Infection Causes

Tapeworms are parasites that can infect humans, it can live in the intestinal tract for years. The most common type of tapeworm disease in humans can be obtained by eating foods containing tapeworm larvae. tapeworm infection may not produce recognizable symptoms. Tapeworm is a parasite infection caused by accidental ingestion of mature forms of tapeworms on the infected meat or fish. Type of tape caccing which infect the human body is a t. saginata and t. solium and t. asiatica.

Prevention Of Infection Of Tapeworms

So that we do not become infected with tapeworms clothes olh, we can do prevention efforts. tapeworm infection can be prevented by means of washing hands and clean food when preparing meals. Avoid mntah or half-cooked food and avoid bringing food to a place where it is estimated there are outbreaks of tapeworms.

Treatment Of Tapeworm Infections

Taeniasis or infksi tapeworm can be treated with praziquantel. The dose can be granted varies, depending on the specific condition of tapeworm infections. This medication works by affecting the structure of the parasite and cause paralysis tapeworms so that the human body is no longer experiencing infection. If niklosamida is not available, praziquantel is an alternative that can usually be given.

Cysticercosis can be treated with praziquantel and Albendazole as anthelmintik. Treatment can lead to inflammatory reaction requiring the attention and consideration of the use of systemic corticosteroids and anticonvulsants